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12 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Journey - PS4

Review by Staff
Journey is a hard to describe game, but "Indie-Adventure" seems to be the common description used. Co-developed by Thatgamecompany and Santa Monica Studio, it was originally released on PS3 back in March 2012, and then re-released in July 2015 for the PS4. It has since been ported to Windows and iOS in 2019.

You play as a mysterious robed figure, you find yourself in a huge desert, the only thing you know to do is head towards a mountain in the distance. You will see other players also on their own journey, but you can't communicate with them. As you play you will soon figure out that you need to "activate" seemingly dull pieces of cloth, into vibrant colourful ones. You will collect things that will allow you to jump, and almost fly for short periods, you will run along desert landscapes, and then find yourself almost surfing down the other side of a hill. When I say it is hard to describe, it really is.

You will explore ancient caves, as well as activate those aforementioned pieces of cloth, that will allow you to reach high up ancient structures, which in turn allow you to activate relics, that allow you to progress through the area.

Although the game is relatively short (a few hours at most), there is a feeling of wonder as you traverse through the landscapes, if anything this feels more like an emotional experience than a game. When you finally reach the mountain, it truly does give off a feeling of wonder and accomplishment.

I won't spoil the ending, and I have been careful not to give away too much, as this really is a game that you should experience.

The Good
The graphics are stunning, the soundtrack is beautiful. And if you were lucky enough to add this game to your account during Sony's "Play at Home" promotion, then you really do have a classic on your hands. I say this, as I did just that, back in July of 2020, Sony made a couple of games available for people to download and keep for free. I added the game to my account and then forgot about it, and only now have I started playing it. And I am happy I finally did, but annoyed I never played it sooner.

The Bad
The game is quite short.

Not many games can be sold on the experience it gives you to play, the emotion it provides, this is one of those games.
It has won countless awards for being great, and I will also lavish praise on the game, a true classic I score 9/10

I uploaded a few minutes of gameplay, check it out below.

Review by Staff

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