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3 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Lake on Xbox One

Review by Staff
Lake is what I would call a pallet cleanser game. It is a story driven game, whereby you play as Meredith Weiss, a graduate from MIT who has come back to her hometown of Providence Oaks, Oregon in 1986 to help out her father while he is on vacation. And how do you help out? well, you take over his job for a few weeks as postman (Mailman/Mailwoman) to the town that surrounds the lake.

From working in the big city at a software company, to a sleepy town, driving a mail truck, and talking to the locals. That is the game.

And this is why I call the game a pallet cleanser. This game is not so much about delivering mail, or even driving a mail truck, it is about talking to people, old friends you knew growing up, as well as new people. Helping people out, doing favours for people, you can even start a romantic relationship. As you meet people you are given choices of how to answer, no right or wrong answers. But since the whole point of the game is the story, if you just avoid conversations, meetings, or helping people, then the game will be very short and very boring. And at the end of the game, you have to make a decision, to return to the city, or stay in the sleepy town you grew up in.

Driving the truck is nice and easy, you can't kill anyone, or be killed, you can't even drive into the lake. (I tried) You can even put the auto pilot on and just sit back and enjoy the view.

This really is a game that is you, just taking part in the life of someone over a two week period.

In many ways the game is boring, and it is supposed to be boring, but the word boring does have a lot of negative connotations to it. Sometimes just driving around a beautiful lake, with stunning views, is just fun to do. From playing games where you constantly feel either frustrated, stressed or exhilarated, here is a game you can just sit back and relax playing.

It is the ultimate pallet cleansing game. Whether you sit and complete it in one go, or just play it for a few minutes here and there, it doesn't really matter.

The Good
The graphics are stunning, such a beautiful game to play. Easy to play, great soundtrack. 

The Bad
I imagine people wanting more of an "gameplay" experience will be disappointed.

This is a tough one to score. If you know and understand what the game is about, what it is trying to give you, and that is something you want, then it is really quite a relaxing and enjoyable game. But if you just play it expecting it to be more of a "game" than a story, then you will be disappointed.

Personally I enjoyed it, I liked the change in pace, and sometimes I don't need to shoot zombies, or drive off a cliff to have fun while gaming.

I score Lake a solid 8/10

Out now on Xbox One

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