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16 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Mermaid Adventures: The Frozen Time - PC (Steam)


Review by Staff

So there is an evil octopus, and he has minions, and they are playing cruel tricks on the creatures that live in the Undersea World.

You play as a brave and beautiful mermaid called Alice, oh I cant be bothered with the story. Look it is a simple "Match 3" type puzzle game.

You play through the puzzles, that "awakens" other characters, and you save the Undersea World from the Octopus.

Every 10 levels you unlock another page of the story.

There are 80 levels, which include your classic Match 3 type puzzles, for those unaware, you draw a line with your cursor connecting 3 or more objects of the same style and they disappear, your lines do not need to be in a straight line either, you can go diagonal, up, down, left and right, as long as the objects match, the more you get the higher the score. There also some other types of puzzles, jigsaw, and hidden objects, memory match stuff. But the main game is the Match 3 type puzzles.

The problem with the game is that it is just not very good. I like that they made the effort to have a storyline, but the menus are too busy. The graphics are nice enough and the music is ok. But why you would pay money for this game when you can play similar games for free is beyond me. Not to mention that there are quite a few bugs.

The Good

Pretty graphics.

The Bad

A lot of bugs, and that you have to pay for the game.


In its current state I cannot recommend the game, I score it a poor 4/10

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