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25 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Ragtag Racing on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Ragtag Racing is a cheap, small file size, racing game on Steam, it is a super simple 3D Motorsport type game.

You can play in two separate views, in the driver's seat, or from above/behind. I have never liked playing games from the driver's perspective, so straight away I chose the above/behind viewpoint.

Race on a track, try to get from the back of the pack to the front and progress to the next track. Sounds simple! Well, it is and it isn't. The most important part of the game is your fuel level. Run out of fuel and you are done.
Races are short, so you can't refill. Everything is about keeping up your speed, and using your boost at just the right time to help you win the race. But overuse it, or use it in the wrong place, and you will just end up coming up short and running out of fuel.

And that is pretty much the gameplay.

The computer-controlled drivers can be a pain in the behind, they will try to ram you and generally make things as hard as possible.

One mistake and it really is it; you need to drive the almost perfect race to progress.

The Graphics are super retro and simple, (hence the small download size), the sound effects are so-so, and the theme music is annoyingly catchy to say the least.

The Good
Small download size, quick pick up and play gameplay, relatively easy to get used to. Graphics are simple but fun.

The Bad
Can be a bit buggy, the game did crash a few times for me, and there is a lack of longevity, but for an Indie game it is what you would expect.

The game was made by one man on his own, it only costs a pound. If you hate it, you have only lost a pound, but you have helped out an Indie Developer. And there is a free demo you can download anyway to see if you like it before you buy.
So, you really have no excuse, if you want a simple fun racer, give Ragtag Racing a look.

I score Ragtag Racing a simple 6/10

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