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7 Oct 2021

REVIEW: Super Kickers League on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Super Kickers League is a fun, arcade style football game. This is about as far from FIFA as you can get, this is not in any way a simulation, this is an arcade game, there are no referees to give you a yellow card, there are virtually no rules, other than who scores the most goals wins. This is the kind of old-fashioned arcade football game you could imagine playing for 10 minutes in an airport, or in an arcade on the side street of your town, (when they still existed). These days you can download them off the internet in a few minutes.

The main gimmick of the game is that your "Captain" has a special power, that might be to a super jump, or stop time for opposing players, or cause a meteor strike. These special powers can be used for a set period of time, and can help make the difference between losing and winning.

There are ten teams to choose from, various modes to play, from the usual exhibition game, to cups and leagues. To play certain modes you need to have completed previous ones to unlock, and yes this can be a problem, as I will mention later.

"Kickers Mode : Play with 3 captains to get many powers while you play!
Team Mode : Play with your favourite team and use your captain's power to win the match!
Retro Mode : Pixel and Football are all together! Feel the 90's vibes in this retro mode!"

You can play alone and local or online multiplayer. There are a few different camera angles to play with.

The game itself can feel very frantic to play, you won't really be stringing together 20 passes before scoring a goal, and nor should you want to. This is an arcade game, so everything is quick and to the point. Whether that is sliding for the ball from kick-off and shooting and scoring within 3 seconds, or going on a mazey dribble and passing the ball into the goal.

The different modes are ok, although not really that different, and the special powers although fun, I actually didn't bother too much with them, preferring to play regular football the best I could.

Now I did mention a problem, that being that to play certain modes you need to unlock them by completing other modes, for example, to play the League you need to play and win the cup first, that is fine, however the game does not save your progress, so unless you want to sit down and play for a few hours to unlock everything, you are stuck with the basic modes if you just want to play for 10 or 15 minutes. This seems to be a problem that has existed for a while, and there is no sign of it being fixed unfortunately. Obviously, this mainly affects the single player mode. If you are playing against a friend, then this is less of an issue.

The Good
This is a fun game; graphics are bright and colourful, gameplay is easy to pick up, and does not take itself too seriously.

The Bad
The fact your progress is not saved is a big problem, fix that and the game is a pretty decent little arcade kick about. The play area is also a bit small, perhaps bigger pitches would improve things, but then we are going into a more standard footy game environment that is perhaps not what the game is about.

Despite the saving issue, I am enjoying the game, it is everything that you would expect from an arcade footy game, lots of fun arenas to play in, easy to pick up and play.

I score Super Kickers League on PC a solid 7/10

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