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4 Nov 2021

REVIEW: 10 Second Ninja X on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
10 Second Ninja X is a single screen platform game, that has you controlling a Ninja, and you have 10 seconds to complete the level. So yes, the title is pretty damn accurate!

Yes, the game really is that simple, but it is also very tricky, everything is about speed, when the level starts you can look around, you will see the enemies that you need to kill, and work out a route, and as soon as you start moving, the timer starts to tick down, if you have not killed all enemies within 10 seconds, you lose. The faster you complete a level, the more stars you get, the aim being 3 stars, but you can pass the level with 1 star if under 10 seconds.

There are 100 levels to beat, leader boards for each level, things to unlock and collect to add a bit more of a challenge too.

The controls are super simple, you run back and forth, you can jump, and of course the now obligatory double jump, you can slash your enemies with a Katana sword, or you can hit them from afar with Shurikens, (Ninja Throwing Stars) you only get 3 of them per level, so you need to use them wisely to hit enemies you can't reach by jumping, or ones protected with an electrical shield. As you progress through the game, some enemies you come across will be immune to the Throwing Stars too, just when you thought you had it mastered, the game throws a spanner in the works.

Some levels will have switches you need to activate, to move platforms, others will have surfaces you can bounce your ninja stars off, and even surfaces you can hold on to.

The more stars you collect, the more levels you unlock. There are also costumes you can unlock for your ninja. And in the pre-level area, if you find the hidden CD pieces, you can unlock an extra minigame, so that is worth looking for.

The Good
With the short time limit, and the leader boards, there is a strong "re-playability" to the levels. Trying to get 3 stars, trying to get as high on that leader board as possible, and just trying to do the perfect run, really is enjoyable, and a rewarding experience.

The graphics are decent, as are the sound effects.

The Bad
Although 100 levels sound a lot, once you get the hang of the game you will get through them relatively fast.

A great little addition to your puzzle game collection, that is perfect for quick bursts of gameplay, and to pass the time.

I score 10 Second Ninja X on Nintendo Switch a very strong 8/10. I very much enjoy the game.

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