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13 Nov 2021

REVIEW: BitMaster on Nintendo Switch

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BitMaster seems like it should be a game made for Nintendo Switch, it is a twin stick shooter, you shoot at enemies while skating around on a hoverboard.

The game is described as being inspired by such classics as Geometry Wars, Crimson Land and Satellite Reign, but does it measure up?

There are 100 waves of enemies to face (20 different kinds of enemy), after 20 waves you will face a boss, and then another 20 waves and so on.

You can collect new guns and unlock new characters to play with, the environment changes colours, and different areas will benefit or harm your character.
For example, in one area your shield will regenerate faster, in another, your weapon may fire slower rounds.

As there are no levels as such, once you die, you die, you have to start from wave one again. With an average game time of anything between 5 minutes to half an hour, this is very much an arcade style, pick up and play type game, as opposed to one you will deliberately keep coming back to, to complete.

The graphics are colourful, and the changes in colours from wave to wave is nice. The soundtrack is ok. The gameplay does seem to fit the Nintendo Switch well. Playing on a Switch Lite, this is very much a game that I could spend 10 minutes on which waiting for something else.

Saying all that, the game does have some issues, the lack of proper levels means that you might get bored quick, and not see the point to start all over again. There is only one real game area to play in, and although it is relatively large, it is still the only one, and changing colours doesn't really make that much difference.

The Good
Bright colourful graphics and pick up and play gameplay, does mean that this game can have a place on your Switch.

The Bad
The game is limited, and perhaps overpriced on Switch, at around £5, it compares poorly pricewise to Steam, where it is under a pound currently on special offer.

This is a simple game, not one you will spend hours at a time playing, but if you want an addition to your Switch, that is good in short bursts then BitMaster is a game you should consider.

Out now on Nintendo Switch

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