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29 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Destropolis on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Destropolis is one of those rare finds, you start playing, thinking it will just be one of your run of the mill top-down shooters, and instead it is an awesome, nonstop punch in the face of awesomeness!

The main idea of the game is simple, you control a blue diamond shape cube, that can also fire weapons, you are surrounded by a fully destructible environment, and wave after way of red cuboid enemies. And that is it.
After reaching a score threshold, you pass the level, the game pauses and you can choose from upgrades, that may be an increase of your help, weapon cool down time, increase rate of drops and so on.

As you play you can collect up to 15 different weapons designated in a blue light, you pick up by pressing A on the controller, you can hold 2 weapons at a time and switch between them.
You will also be able to collect different power ups. From speed ups, to bullet time (which slows down time, giving you more time to think), to my favourite the NUKE! Which is exactly what you think it is. Airstrikes, Vortexes and so on.

Eventually and perhaps inevitably, you will be overwhelmed, and you will die. But then you just restart, and off you go again.

Played from an isometric/top-down view, with 6 main types of cube like enemies,
"Obelisks shoot lasers at you. Bomb spheres explode on contact. Pyramids shoot at you from a distance with artillery rounds. Wrecking balls smash everything on their path. Big, hexagonal bosses wreak havoc with their massive machine guns."

Although a minimalist type structure to the game, it gets hectic very very quick. Throw in some synth-wave music by LukHash, and you have a true diamond in the rough when it comes to top-down shooters.

The Good
The minimalist approach to the graphics, just works, and actually looks beautiful. Each time you play, you will be a bit better, and find yourself slowly climbing up the leader boards.

The Bad
Maybe some different areas to play in would be a nice addition to the game.

Destropolis was supposed to be a quick throw away type game, one I would play for ten minutes, get bored and forget about, instead it has entered my psyche and I absolutely love it.
A real surprise find, and one I really recommend.

Awesome game I score a strong 9/10

Review by Jon Donnis

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