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3 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Ghosts and Apples on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
Ghosts and Apples is an "action-puzzle" game that will test your reaction times as well as memory.
Over 150 levels of hand drawn action. Are you hooked yet?

You find yourself in a house of magic, there are ghosts looking through windows, an octopus acting as a coat hanger, ravens, evil potions, a vampire, and so on. It is all very fantastical looking and as mentioned all hand drawn.
You play as a Puppet called Jack; your soul is trapped within him. You will soon find yourself looking up at paintings, which when you click will suck you into them, and that is how you access a level.

The main point of the game is to catch ghosts and turn them into apples, yes makes no sense to me either, but neither did the octopus as a coat hanger.

I am playing this on a Nintendo Switch Lite, and I found that playing using the touch screen was easier than using the controller, this is important as it really does affect the way you play.

As you catch a ghost you have to decide where to put it, on either side of the screen is a capture device, with an input on the top or the bottom, in essence you have 4 points to put the ghosts. If you play with a controller then pressing up and down on the controller will send the ghost to the top or bottom of the containment device on the left of the screen, and pressing X and B will send them to the top and bottom of the right-side containment. This means you need to have your hands doing 4 separate actions. However, if you play with the touch screen, you only need to do one or two actions at a time as you just press where you want the ghost to go. This makes a difference as each ghost is a different colour, and you need to have 3 ghosts contained in a row together to change them into apples. And as more and more ghosts are caught you need to think very quick with regards to which of the 4 points you want to put them. Just putting them in the containment alone is not enough, so you can find a lot going on very quickly, and touch screen is just easier in my opinion.

As you collect apples, this allows you to unlock further levels, a golden apple is given if you "perfect" a level, capturing and transforming all ghosts. These are the most important apples needed to progress to the later stages.

Completing certain things will award you trophies which you can view in a room, and the challenge to get them all is one that should keep you coming back.

I was unable to play multiplayer so can't comment on that aspect of the game

The Good
The graphics are really good, and the soundtrack is perfectly acceptable, the frantic gameplay will really test anyone, and I am sure over time would help anyone who wants to improve their hand eye coordination.

The Bad
Sometimes progress is stopped because you need more golden apples, and since they are relatively hard to get, I imagine this might put off some younger gamers when they get stuck.

A tough little puzzle game that has plenty of challenge, even for the most experienced of gamer.

I score Ghosts and Apples a solid 8/10, one of the best puzzlers on Switch right now

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