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28 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Night Lights on Nintendo Switch

Review by Staff
I seem to be playing and reviewing a lot of innovative puzzle / platform games recently, and Night Lights from Ratalaika Games & Meridian4 is another platform game that you can firmly put in that "innovative" category.

You play as a tiny robot, your planet has been plunged into darkness, your job is to collect shards that will help resurrect a fallen star and restore light to the planet.

Night Lights' main mechanic is that of using light to manipulate the environment, mainly through the movement or activation of lamps. So, for example you need to get to an area that is blocked off, move a light source so that it lights up the area and a route will open up for you. Shadows and Lights have distinct effects on the environment, so you have to use both as a way to solve the puzzles of the level. You will also collect crystals that will activate various machines, tools and light sources.

There are 45 levels in total, which increase in difficulty, as you would expect.

The graphics are simple, but beautiful, and really put across the difference between the light and dark areas.

Gameplay is pretty straight forward once you understand the mechanics of the game, and although there isn't much help, or anything to guide you along if you get stuck, the puzzles are pretty straightforward, even if they take some thinking.

The Good
Really nice, simple graphics and engaging gameplay that never feels too hard, but still gives a challenge for any fan of the puzzle / platformer.
Just 91 mb download too which is great.

The Bad
I am not keen on the level select menu, it is a bit confusing as it uses stars in the sky, instead of a simple system of "Level 1, 2, 3, 4" etc.

An innovative concept, fun gameplay, and looks and plays great on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

I score Night Lights on Nintendo Switch a solid 8/10

Night Lights is out now on all formats and is priced for 4.99$ / € for all platforms.

Review by Staff

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