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11 Nov 2021

REVIEW: Too Many Humans on PC (Steam)

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Too Many Humans is a Real Time Strategy game, but instead of controlling the army, or a private security force as is often the case in such games, this time you are controlling zombies! Sounds good right!

Let's take a quick look at the official story.

"You are Phthisis, the God of pestilence, decay and death. Humanity has degraded too far into greed and is causing irreversible damage to Gaia; your dear sister, and their planet. Something has to be done. But like every god, you have rules (omnipotence gets boring otherwise): you are not allowed to directly kill humans. But you *can* raise them back from the dead. And if the living ones die because of this... Eh *shrug*.

Rise, mutate and unleash your Zombies into frantic battles against the treacherous humans. Fight every battle to break one by one the chains of avarice humanity has binded itself with."

As mentioned above, you play as Phthisis, and no I don't have a lisp. Now because they are zombies, they don't take orders very well, so you need to be clever in how you control them. If you don't keep them under control, they will wander off.

Before I go on, I have to say that in general I am not a big fan of RTS games, I tend to find them over complicated, and I get bored quick. However, with Too Many Humans, I found myself in a situation where I had to pull myself away from playing, everything in this game is set up perfectly for someone like myself, someone who is not a huge fan of the RTS genre. So, if you are not a fan of RTS games, then please keep reading, as this game might be one to finally grab your attention.

How do you control zombies? Well, you have something called "Screamers" something like a scarecrow that screams, and where ever you move that, the horde will follow. If you plant it in a spot, te horde will stay there. Any stragglers can soon be summoned by setting the screamer to scream a little louder. A genius idea. You can use multiple screamers, and choose which zombies go where. I say "which zombies", as you soon learn that there are different types, that you yourself can create. Your regular boring zombie is what they start out as, you also have bomb zombies which surprise surprise, can explode, perfect for blowing up walls, you have smasher zombies that... erm... smash, and electrified zombies. Each type can be used in a horde, or for specific jobs.

There are 7 missions, you start out on a beach, which is mainly to help you figure out how to use the controls, what various buttons do, and pretty much how to play, I found this first mission just perfect for allowing you to get to grips with things, as I said earlier, usually RTS games are overcomplicated, whereas in this one, it just feels right.

If a Zombie is killed, you can resurrect them using the blood collected from killing people, at certain locations. Meaning that you can send in a horde to attack, knowing full well that they will probably lose, but that you can then unleash another wave. You will collect things like petrol, that in turn allows you to turn your zombies into the bomb zombies. Another neat touch. Of course, every time your horde kills a regular person, a cop, a military person etc, they then turn into zombies as well. Meaning your horde gets bigger and bigger.

But it is not just about blindly attacking and killing people, there are puzzles that need to be solved too, for example activating generators in different locations at the same time to unlock a path to continue.

I really can't say enough good things about this game, this truly is the first RTS game that I have genuinely enjoyed playing and want to keep playing after I have written a review.

The Good
The graphics are simple but detailed, the gameplay is just about perfect, everything is just done right.

The Bad
Could we have more missions please? Hopefully if the game does well, then the developers will release more missions, fingers crossed.

If you are an experienced RTS gamer, then perhaps this game will not offer the detailed, complicated gameplay you want, but for the rest of us normal gamers, I think that Too Many Humans gets everything just about perfect.

I score Too Many Humans a 9.5/10, Absolutely loved, and still loving it.

Out now on PC Steam

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