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11 Apr 2022

REVIEW: Rawr-Off on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Rawr-Off is a game which seems to be much better suited to the Switch Lite, than on the big screen.
A party style multiplayer game, you hold the Switch Lite long ways, with one person at each end of the console.
The aim of the game is to destroy your opponent by shooting "waves of power" at them.

You have limited amounts of shots, so need to also collect the correct coloured "ammo" from the sides of the screen, along with power-ups, this tests your speed, and accuracy, and the person who is fastest and most accurate, will win.

You can also take your opponent's ammo, and freeze them, giving you the ultimate advantage.

There are various characters to choose from, each one has their own special ability, characters include such names as Sushi-senpai, Cosmic Dog Unicorn, Spaghetti Monster, Baby Cthulhu, Schrodinger's Cat and Zombie Laika. Just those names alone suggest to me the game's makers are staunch atheists!

Rawr-Off is the kind of game you will sit down with a friend and have a quick bash at. You can practice in a solo mode, but this game really needs to be played face to face with a friend. And if you are of drinking age, why not set up a few shots and make it much more fun.

The Good
A simple to play, colourful game, that can only add to a night in with friends.

The Bad
After the initial excitement, there is not much more to the game.

Short bursts of fun, maybe even use the game to settle an argument, who knows, who cares, it is a fun little game that doesn't take up much space on your Switch

I score Rawr-Off a simple 7/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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