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11 May 2022

REVIEW: Aaero on Nintendo Switch

Review By Jon Donnis
Aaero is a futuristic music based, on rails, rhythm shooter.

You control a spacecraft, and you need to follow ribbons of light, if you trace the line of the ribbon, you get a higher score, all the while you need to evade obstacles, shoot enemies, and fight against giant bosses.

My first thought when playing Aaero, was that it reminded me of AVICII Invector, there are similar elements to the gameplay, you need to follow a certain course to get more points, but where Invector relied solely on your abilty to press certain buttons at the right time, Aaero takes a slightly different approach, in that you have to shoot enemies, as well, which brings in a whole new gameplay element to what is in essence a rhythm game. 

When you come across enemies, you use the right stick to select them, and then press the trigger button to shoot off rockets towards them, at the same time using the left stick you need to control the spacecraft, this quickly becomes a really tricky thing to do, and a challenge to even the most experienced of gamer.

With this being a rhythm game, the banging soundtrack is just fantastic, the EDM (Electronic dance music) in this game is quite the collection, and you will find yourself turning the sound up loud and enjoying it. Some of the artists include Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Katy B, Neosignal, Astronaut & Barely Alive, and although not household names, they will catch your attention after playing this.

There are 21 challenging levels to complete, each level crafted to the music playing, 4 different difficulty settings, Normal, Advanced, Master, and Chill-out. Choose chill-out if you just want to enjoy yourself and the music.

The Good
If you enjoyed AVICII Invector, then you should like Aaero, it offers a similar, but more challenging type of gameplay. The graphics are decent, the music is great, and the game although tough is easy to pick up.

The Bad
Playing this on a Nintendo Switch Lite, I have to say I have never enjoyed the positioning of the trigger buttons, and since they are needed in this game, while also concentrating on both sticks, it can be a bit difficult to coordinate, and I have pretty big hands too. This will probably play better with a standard controller.

A pleasantly surprising game, much better than I expected, and as such I score Aaero on Nintendo Switch a solid 8/10

Out now on Nintendo Switch at

With limited physical editions available at 

Aaero: Complete Edition contains all DLC content in one package and will be available as a boxed Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition, only at Strictly Limited Games.

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