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7 Jan 2022

REVIEW: Banana Hell on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Banana Hell is a deliberately frustrating, and ridiculously difficult platforming game.

You control a banana, and you have to keep moving upwards to collect crystals. But of course, it is not that easy, as you climb you will face various creatures that are in your way, so you need to try to avoid them.
One mistake however and you will be knocked off course, and worst-case scenario you will fall all the way back to the bottom of the level.

The game is simple, but also needs 100% of your concentration, sometimes you need to jump at the exact right moment, other times you might need to duck. This is precision platforming at its absolute pinnacle.

There is various dialog that appears as text on the screen at the bottom, bad jokes etc, I am sure they are put there deliberately to distract you, like you really need anything to make this game any harder.

There aren't many levels, but the levels that are there are so tricky you won't care about wanting more of them. But if you really want to know there are 5 levels, 2 in the Forest of Frustration, 2 in the Purple Lions Temple, and 1 in the Void.

You can play a choice of 2 levels from the start and the rest you need to unlock.

The Good
Simple clear graphics, nice soundtrack, and the controls are simple, move, jump and duck.

The Bad
This is a pull your hair out type frustration of a game, but that is the point, it is supposed to be like this, so can I call it "Bad" for delivering what it claims to be?

I hate this game; it is so bloody hard. It fills me with rage! I have shouted at the screen multiple times, but I keep coming back to try to beat it.

One of the most frustratingly annoying difficult games ever! I hate everyone involved for making it!

I hate it and love it at the same time.

I score Banana Hell a hateful 8/10

Out now on Steam, but warning, you will hate this game! So go get it now!

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