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6 Jan 2022

REVIEW: Gravity Chase on Xbox One

Review by Jon Donnis
Gravity Chase is a futuristic racer from Repixel8, set in 2088, whereby transport and fighter craft have been converted into racing vehicles, to take part on "Hyperloop Circuits".

A sequel to the game Velocity G, (which I have never played) this is your typical anti-gravity racer but it does differ slightly from other games in the genre. The circuits in this game are enclosed tubes or tunnels, some races take part on the inside, and some on the outside. Due to this unusual style of circuit, the game does create an interesting challenge or making you need to choose the optimum line, if you want to complete a level faster. Throw in your usual pickups of boosters, power ups, shields and weapons, and you have an interesting little racer, that although not unique, does have some original ideas thrown in.

There is your single player mode, as well as split screen multiplayer. 16 tracks set across various themed areas, 10 craft for you to use and upgrade, and 3 separate modes of play.

First one is arcade mode, which your classic race against opponents, get to the finish line first to win, then there is combat mode, where you have to race, but can also fire weapons at your enemy. And finally, another classic mode in Eliminator, every 30 seconds the person in last place is thrown out, try to last as long as possible, or even outlast all of your opponents until you are the last one standing.

Each level can be played on beginner, medium or hard, more points for the harder settings, and as you collect points, this will unlock more tracks. Beating a track alone won't necessarily unlock the next track, this is done purely by points accumulated, so you might need to grind a few tracks to get points if you are struggling to win the harder mode. As well as get enough in game currency to upgrade your ships.

There are leader boards for each track, so you can compare your progress.

The menu is about as simple as you can get, you start the game, choose a track, difficult level and mode, and you are off. I hate complicated menus and this really was an easy to get straight into type of game. When I think of other similar racers, one of my biggest complaints is often the menu, on Pacer for example it was and still is a mess, but by keeping things simple Gravity Chase gives the game a true pick up and play quality.

The soundtrack is pretty decent, generic high pumping electronic music is perfectly acceptable, and I quite enjoyed turning it up.

In game sounds are simple, not distracting, not really noticeable.

In the combat mode I did not really understand the shield and weapons, I'd collect ammo, but nothing happens when I press fire, I am hoping this is just a pre-release bug which will be fixed by release date. The shield as well, you collect shield power ups, and your shield goes down, but it all seems a bit pointless, if your shield runs out, you explode and re-join the race. That really is my only complaint about the game, I tend to prefer the general arcade style modes, so not a huge downer for me, but if you enjoy the combat modes of these types of racers, then this game fails on that.

The Good
A fun, simple, futuristic antigrav racer. I have asked many times for such a game, and now I have one. Is it perfect? No, but is it good fun, with a pull, to keep playing it more? yes.

The Bad
As mentioned, the combat mode is lacking. And the graphics in 2022 could be better.

An enjoyable racer, with a couple of issues that are hopefully easily fixed.
I will keep playing this game after writing this review, and that to me is always the highest compliment I can give a game, playing it when you don't have to.

I score Gravity Chase a strong 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis

Out on Xbox One and Steam on 21st January 2022

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