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18 Feb 2022

REVIEW: Pretty Girls Speed on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
I am always somewhat cynical of card games on a computer, seems a bit pointless when playing cards exits in real life, with that said I have spent many an hour playing classic game Solitaire which comes with pretty much all versions of Windows, so there is a market. And when a game really needs two players, then that is where a computer and AI can be helpful.

This game is called "Speed" and is part of the "Pretty Girls" Franchise.

Pretty Girls Speed at its base is a two-player card game, now with this being a Japanese game, thrown in some fancy animated women in skimpy clothes, and you have a game that can attract the eye.
But as I mentioned, this is a card game, and that is the focus of the game, the female characters act as your opponents, and there are 10 to beat in the Battle Mode. Each one has their own little description, things like " She is weak-minded and loves cute and sweet things. She has a short fuse and easily sulks.", and " A snake Yokai. A graceful and bewitching monster. She controls humans and make them pay tribute to her in the form of wine and food."

Now the game itself is all about speed and concentration, this is a very very quick paced game, and will test even the quickest of thinkers.

You start off the game with a number of cards showing, and your opponent the same.
In the centre of the screen are two cards, to win you need to click on a card of your own that connects sequentially to one of the cards on the table.

So, if you see a 3 and an 8 in front of you, you need to click on either a 2 or a 4, and a 7 or a 9. As you do this, your cards move to the centre of the screen and are replaced by cards from your half of the deck, the first person to get rid of all of their cards wins the round. It is a simple concept, that I found to be incredibly addictive. As your amount of cards lowers, neither player might be able to play a move, when this happens the centre cards are replaced, or if there are none left from the deck, the two players can place one of their own cards, this is where some real thinking comes in, because you can see your opponent's cards, so choose wisely to avoid helping them, but also look for a route for you to win.

There are two modes of play, Battle Mode, where you play a best of 3 rounds game against ever faster opponents. Each time you win your time will get placed on a leader board, and your win/loss ratio is also recorded.
I found the leader board a real incentive to play a level over and over. Nothing better than seeing your name top of the leader board. All of the achievements in the game are attached to this mode of play.

The second mode is Challenge Mode. There are 100 levels to complete, the difficulty increases with each level. Try to beat all the levels.

Although the women are dressed in a sexy manner, there is no nudity in the game, and no sexual innuendo, just nicely drawn characters with interesting proportions.

The Good
Incredibly easy to pick up and play, and very addictive. I loved the fast-paced nature of the game.

The Bad
Nothing really, it is a simple card game, wrapped in some fancy graphics. 

I am not sure if in England we have our own name for this game, I am not aware of it if we do, however I have already remembed the rules, and on a long flight somewhere, i might play it in the real world.
For now, I will stick to the PC version.

A really fun card game, that I score a strong 9/10. It delivered on everything it promises

Released on February 25th on Steam

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