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10 Jul 2022

REVIEW: Paradise Killer (PS5)

Review by Jon Donnis
Paradise Killer is an open world adventure game made by British studio Kaizen Game Works.

Your job is to investigate a murder and explore Paradise Island, (wasn't Paradise Island the name of the Island in the classic racing game Burnout Paradise?) Paradise Island is a pocket universe created by aliens canned The Syndicate, they want to create the perfect society, as that will awaken their ancient Gods. The Island is an experiment but unfortunately as with all utopias, things fail fast, the Syndicate kidnap humans from earth and let them live on Paradise Island, but as things fall apart, the humans are all killed, and their souls harvested to rebuild the Island. This game exists on the 24th rebuild of the Island.

When the humans are about to all be killed, so that everything can be transferred to Island 25, the alien Syndicate Council are found murdered. The Syndicate Judge sends for Detective Lady Love Dies, who was previously in exile, and is given the task of solving who was behind the killings, with everyone on the Island a potential killer.

The game is a murder mystery, a "whodunnit" if you will. The game is played in the first-person perspective, and when the game starts you find yourself on an island, you have to solve a mass murder. But how exactly you do it is up to you. As this is an open world game, there is little instruction, you will have to explore, look for clues, find evidence, and talk to people.

The game can be a bit confusing at first, as I said there is not much instruction, and at times it feels like you are playing a game that has some rich history to it that you are unaware of. So much of the first part of the game is you trying to understand what is going on.

Once you do kind of figure things out, the island is a pretty big place, and there is a lot to explore, this can mean a lot of walking, but along the way you will talk to a lot of people, as you try to solve the mystery. There are plenty of people to talk to, items to collect, and clues to find. Luckily there is a fast travel option, however it is not free, and you will use in game currency to use it.

One interesting part of the game is the ability to bring a suspect to trial at any time, but of course if you want to get the all-important conviction you better have enough evidence.

This really is an unusual game, something very different.

The Good
A wonderful soundtrack, and interesting gameplay really bring to live what is a pretty unique game.

The Bad
It can be confusing at first, with a lot thrown at you, but if you stick with it, it is worth it. And for a PS5 game I was ratehr underwhelmed by the graphics in some parts of the game.

A decent addition to your PS5 collection, a game that stands alone in its genre. Pretty unique in every way.

I score Paradise Killer on Playstation 5 a solid 7/10

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