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8 Mar 2023

REVIEW: Papertris on PC (Steam)

With the announcement that Papertris is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 30th 2023, I thought I would re-up my original PC review.

Review by Jon Donnis
As soon as you put "tris" in the title of your game, you know you are most likely going to be playing a block falling puzzle game, and let's be honest here, there are literally thousands of such games, so does Papertris stand out in a crowded field? Let's find out.

The first thing you notice with Papertris, and this might be given away in the name but everything has the appearance of being made of paper. What at first glimpse looks like a simple Tetris clone, quickly proves to be much more. Groups of 3 vertically stacked coloured cube blocks drop from the top of the screen, you decide where to place your cubes as they slowly fall, the aim being to match up the colours to three or more. Throw in "power cubes" and a few other special types of cubes and things seem pretty straightforward, that is until you start to progress through the various levels. 

The part that makes this game different, outside of the paper graphics is that there can be layers to the playing area, meaning that you can match cubes on your current layer, with those on a layer behind, bringing a whole new type of difficulty to finishing the levels.

The main mode you will play is the Challenge mode, whereby each level has a different challenge, usually involving the matching of a certain number of coloured cubes. The further you progress the harder the challenges you have to complete.

Endless mode is exactly what you would expect, you just play until you eventually run out of space and reach the top of the playing area.

There is a 2-player mode, which I was unable to test, but it revolves around matching cubes, and sending cubes to your opponent's screen to block them and so on.

With the nature of such a game, there is an ever more popular colour-blind mode included, as well as a dark mode.

There is clearly a lot of love been put into this game, and the graphics look fantastic, and although the gameplay isn't exactly original, it is all presented well, and offers a decent challenge to any puzzle fan.

The Good
Fantastic graphics, great soundtrack, fun and simple gameplay.

The Bad
With the dropping cube blocks only in one shape, a vertical stack of 3, it limits slightly the potential, which would offer a whole extra level of difficulty.

A simple and fun puzzle game, that although the basic mechanics we have seen before, it is presented in a new and original format.
An enjoyable game, which I score a solid 8/10

Review by Jon Donnis

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