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2 May 2022

REVIEW: Radon Break on PC (Steam)

Review by Staff
Radon Break or is that Radon Blast? It seems that the developers of this game can't seem to make their minds up on the name of the game, all the promotional material sent out says Radon Blast, but then start the game and it is Radon Break. Not a good start.

Radon Break is a game that is clearly modelled after the famous Arkanoid brick breaking game. Control a paddle, ball falls, bounce it on to bricks, bricks disappear, destroy all the bricks, level finished.

There are your usual power ups, speed, clone the ball, and extend the size of the paddle. There are also gun powers, a wall and a super ball that just destroys.

40 levels. Beat them all, try and get the best high score.

The only real difference this game has is that your paddle operates from the left in an up and down motion, as opposed to the classic left and right movement on the bottom of the screen. Despite claiming to have 3D graphics, it is definitely 2D. The levels are all pretty basic and bland looking.

The Good
It is an Arkanoid clone, and who doesn't love Arkanoid.

The Bad
It is unoriginal, brings nothing new at all to the genre. And it costs £4. 

Vastly overpriced when you consider you can get free browser-based games that are virtually identical.
This is a lazy game, that although plays fine, is simply no better than free alternatives.

I score Radon Break a poor 3/10

Out now on Steam

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