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26 May 2022

REVIEW: Tony and Clyde on PS4

Review by Jon Donnis
"Tony and Clyde" is a simple shooter, you play as either Tony or Clyde, who the game loves to tell you are not simple thugs from the streets but also not highly trained criminals or professionals.

The game is played through chapters, as you play you will learn about Tony and Clyde, who they are what they want, all told through the various hand drawn 2D cutscenes. Basically, they are small time crooks wanting to make it big.

The gameplay itself is from a third perspective top-down viewpoint. You control your characters movement with the left stick, and the direction of fire with the right stick. Frustratingly the bumper button controls the firing and the trigger button controls the changing of weapons. Why they did it this way round is anyone's guess. It is called the TRIGGER button for a reason! Aiming is a bit hit and miss, so you will want to pay attention to your loadout and which weapons you have. Since the aiming is a bit rough, I went for weapons that had large magazines, so that I could spray the area with bullets before the slow process of reloading. 

You can use the dodge button, which will roll you out of the way, and while dodging, you are invulnerable, so you will find yourself doing this a lot if you get caught off guard and surrounded.

Since the viewpoint is fixed, you will often find enemies firing at you off camera, so as you play, you will need to learn the levels and where people are, and plot your route carefully. You can try to avoid the enemies, but they will just keep coming after you, so you might as well take them all out, get close enough to an enemy and you can execute them with a knife shot, but you might want to avoid doing this, as for some bizarre reasons every time you execute someone in this manner, the game goes into slow motion, which just feels like horrible lag, and with enemies approaching, you will find yourself getting frustrated as opposed to what I assume the idea is of giving you more time.

Each chapter finishes with a boss fight, the usual routine here, super tough, takes a lot of bullets. The problem is that if you take a couple of shots, you are dead, and have to restart at the last checkpoint.

Some objects on the levels can be shot at, and then explode, taking out anyone nearby, time this right and you can take out a decent number of enemies, time it wrong and you will take yourself out.

There aren't any collectables, or secrets, the only thing you unlock will be weapons. And you do this by killing the "juice man" which is literally someone dressed in a juice carton costume, I assume this is slang for a loan shark.

The Good
Once you get used to the gameplay, and the fact you will die a lot, there is a lot of fun to be had.

The Bad
The game does get quite repetitive, and there isn't much strategy to be had while playing, Just shoot and kill and hope for the best. And that strange slow motion, lag thing after knifing people is just bizarre.

Perhaps a little expensive for what it is at £8, but this is a fun game, despite its frustrations.

I score Tony and Clyde on PS4 a safe 6/10

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