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6 May 2022

REVIEW: Trek to Yomi (PS5)

Review by Jon Donnis
Trek to Yomi is advertised as an ultra-stylised cinematic action-adventure, and the first thing you will notice when playing is the monochrome graphics, basically black and white.

The game is set in Japan, in the Edo period, you play as a young Samurai Warrior called Hiroki who after making a vow to his dying Sensei, goes on an epic journey to confront the people responsible for destroying his village.

This side scrolling game is very much a one player journey, Hiroki must face wave after wave of enemies, and avenge his Sensei.

Although the visuals are stunning, the combat is rather bland, you have two modes of attack, light and heavy attacks, you can block, break guard, lunge etc, but in essence it is very simplistic. As you progress through the game you will unlock more weapons, Ninja Stars, Bow and Arrow etc.

There are some cool boss fights to be had, against mythical creatures, and there are secret areas to uncover which will give you various bonus to health, stamina as well as weapons. Complete the game to unlock an extra hard mode.

One gripe for me was that to change direction you have to press X, this takes some getting used to, and at first you will find yourself striking in the wrong direction as someone is attacking you from behind.

The game is quite linear and should be easily completable in 5 or 6 hours.

The Good
Visually this game is exceptionally good, unlike anything you have seen before. Such a beautiful game.

The Bad
A short game with little reason to replay, if you don't rush through, you will find every collectable quite easily, and although a memorable experience, it lacks that interest to replay it.

Stunning game that tries to hide the bland gameplay with visuals. Way too short and no real reason to replay.

If you want a 6 hour experience that will stick in your mind, then this is the game for you.
If you want a side scrolling sword game that you will keep coming back to, then look elsewhere.

I score Trek to Yomi on PS5 a fair 7/10

You can download the excellent Soundtrack to Trek to Yomi at

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