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12 Jul 2022

REVIEW: Dragon Forge on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Dragon Forge is an incremental base building adventure game, you start the game as a young dragon, and you have to uncurse areas, build factories, gather resources and expand.

Main gameplay involves gathering resources like wood, charcoal, food, stone etc. You build factories which are automated, with the help of little Goblin Minions. Once you unlock buildings, you place them, and once set up, pretty much can forget about them. Once you build up diamond currency / mana you can then uncurse areas which are covered in fog, which then allows you to expand to those areas.

Your dragon can of course fly, but you have a stamina limit, so don't fly too long or you will fall to the ground, oh and swimming in the water also drains your power, so no long swims for you.

The game works when you are not playing it too, set up the Altar and Forge, let them do their thing, and when you come back to play the next day you will have plenty of diamonds.

The game plays a lot like a mobile game, play for 20 minutes, then leave and come back the next day, collect resources, expand, rinse and repeat.

There is combat too, your dragon can breathe balls of fire, and eventually poison and lightening, as well as claw at people. This is also how you collect resources.

80 areas to expand and explore, as well as a few different environments, all with their own secrets.

The Good
Simple game that doesn't take too much thought, and plays as something you do for 10-20 minutes.

The Bad
Although not advertised as such, this does feel very early access, and some of the aspects of the game seem a bit off, the placing of buildings for example.

The game has a lot of potential, but it is unknown if this is the finished article, or if there is more to come.
Time will tell, I guess.

I score Dragon Forge on PC (Steam) a fair 6/10

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