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20 Jul 2022

REVIEW: Pinball Freedom on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
The pinball table is one of the oldest games around, and almost as soon as computers were invented, we have video game pinball. So whether you are a younger gamer or a more mature gamer like myself, we all know and have played Pinball games.

The latest game to want to grab your attention is Pinball Freedom, this is very much a simulation of real Pinball tables, you can even walk around the room while you choose which table to play next.

There are 5 tables to choose from, each with their own theme. Sci-fi, Fairy-tale, BMX, Skate Park and my favourite Chill Panda's Adventure.

There are a few viewpoints to choose from when you play, and gameplay itself is pretty straight forward, press A to launch the ball, and then use the bumper buttons on your controller to activate the paddles. Keep the ball in play as long as possible and try to get as high of a score as possible so to get to the top of the all-important leader board.

The Good
Nice selection of tables, all unique and easy to play. Graphics are clear and well defined so easy to follow your ball as it zooms around the table.

The Bad
The playable viewpoints are all in set positions and although you have a few to choose from, I would have liked a free camera option to set the viewpoint in what would be the perfect position for me.

A simple, straightforward Pinball simulation, good tables to play, and as is always the case in Pinball games, that leader board is always calling you to play one more time to get the high score.

I score Pinball Freedom on Nintendo Switch a solid 7/10

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