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20 Nov 2022

REVIEW: Mega Man Battle & Fighters - Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Mega Man Battle & Fighters is a straightforward port from the NeoGeo Pocket Color release of Mega Man The Power Battle and Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters.

Basically, this is a simple way to just play the boss fights from the Mega Man 1 - 7 games, you can choose to play as a few different characters from the series including Proto Man, Bass, and Duo. Each have their own styles of fighting and weapons to master.

With 40 boss battles to master, there is enough here for fans of the original series to enjoy. As you beat your opponents you collect their character data and fill up your database.

With all this said, as this is a direct port of a super niche release on the Japanese NeoGeo Pocket Color, in game everything is in Japanese, and the trading functions have been disabled. Although the menu is in Japanese, because the trading function is greyed out, it is easy enough to figure out things enough so that you can play the battles.

This title is definitely one for the fans of the series, and as mentioned is just the boss fights, one after another, so none of the platform stages, just fights. The fights themselves are basic due to the age of the game, but still represent a challenge. The controls are sharp, and the bosses are fun.

You can also choose to play full screen or with a NeoGeo wrap around.

The Good
One for the hardcore Mega Man fans. There is a challenge to be had here, and for a true retro title, this is one for the collection.

The Bad
No multiplayer. Japanese menu may put off some people.

As long as you know what you are buying beforehand, then this game is a great addition to the collection for all Mega Man hardcore fans.
For casual gamers, this might be a disappointment.

I score Mega Man Battle & Fighters on Nintendo Switch a fair 7/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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