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27 Aug 2022

REVIEW: Race Me Now - PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
With the tagline "Race Fast, Race others, Race Me Now!" we have a release from a solo game developer, Werys Game Studio. Any time a solo developer manages to get a game to final release, it is something that should be applauded, as often a lot more than just time goes into such projects, a lot of care and love for the game too.

Let's take a look at the synopsis.

"Race sneaky opponents in beautiful surroundings. Races are fast and ruthless, other drivers will try to push you out of the road to take your place. Will you be able to push them out first? Will you be able to beat them all? Will you become the champion?"

There are 40 cars to unlock, which is a pretty decent amount, and 4 separate car categories.
There are 4 tracks that feature in the game, and although that might not seem a lot, it is a fair start, and I hope in future updates the developer will release more.

As you can see from the screengrabs, the game features a very retro look, but plays like any modern game, the graphics are very smooth, and gameplay is fun. With different difficulty settings, the game does offer up quite a challenge, especially if you are an achievement collector.

The Good
A fun little game from a solo developer, and despite the lack of tracks, it is an impressive achievement, and one we should applaud.
A good selection of cars as well is quite impressive.

The Bad
We have to be honest and fair, and the fact there are only 4 tracks is a big downer, but as I mentioned, hopefully the developer will release more in the future.

Perhaps a little pricey for what it is, but there is a fun racing game here, and if it means supporting independent developers, sometimes we should be prepared to pay. 

I score Race Me Now on PC (Steam) a fair but honest 7/10. Give us more tracks and I can up that score!

Out now on Steam

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