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26 Aug 2022

REVIEW: Robby's Adventure on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Are rage inducing side scrolling platformers your thing? If you answered yes, then Robby's Adventure might be the game for you.

Robby came to earth from another planet, a young boy found him in a field and made friends with him. But one day Robby was broken, so the boy's parents gave Robby to a factory to fix it, but the factory manager quickly realised that Robby was more than just a regular toy, so decided to keep Robby so he could research him with the hope being he could clone the alien robot.

And that is where our game starts.

Robby finds himself in a box in the factory, he realises that his only hope is to fix himself so he can return home.

Gameplay revolves around traversing levels, looking for parts that you can use to fix yourself. But things are never as easy as they sound.

At the start of this review I noted that this was a rage inducing platform game, and when I say that I really mean it.

Now whether that rage is induced on purpose by the developers, whether it is a biproduct of a game they made, it really doesn't matter. This is a very very tough game. Controls are super tough to master, and even then pinpoint accuracy is needed, and because of the tough controls, this is where the rage will hit you.

The graphics are a bit basic, but perfectly fine for what it is. As mentioned controls are a bit tough to get used to, but that is part of the pull of the game, you know what you need to do, you know how to do it, but to then actually do it, is pretty damn tough.

A decent amount of levels, which when completed can be replayed whenever you like.

The Good
Well laid out levels, with lots to collect, and replayability factor is strong to try and collect everything.

The Bad
One of the toughest 2D side scrolling platformers I have ever played, controls are just so hard to master, everything from needing to run a bit before being able to make a jump, then finding yourself stuck in areas where you cant get a run up, this level of dificulty will put off casual gamers.

At £1.79 on Nintendo Switch if you don't like the game, you haven't lost much money, so if you want to add another title to your switch, and you like a super challenging platformer, then why not give this a go.

I score Robby's Adventure on Nintendo Switch a rage inducing 7/10

Released on 30th August 2022

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