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20 Aug 2022

REVIEW: Spinny's Journey on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Although it's been out for a while, I was asked to check out Spinny's Journey on PC.

You play as "Spinny" an alien explorer the size of a peanut, who has come to visit earth. Due to his small size, and the small size of his spacecraft, he finds himself attacked by a sparrow, which leaves him with just his emergency propellers to go find the lost parts of his ship so he can rebuild it.

General gameplay has you trying to navigate maze like levels with the spinning propellers, bit like a spinning matchstick. You have to dodge traps and navigate the course, all the while using the spin of your propellers to your advantage to pass through the course. This is much harder than it first sounds.

With over 50 challenging levels to master, including the classic 3 stars rating system. (don't hit anything, pass the level as quick as you can), there is enough to keep any puzzle fan busy for a while.

Everything is hand drawn and looks great.

The Good
I enjoy a challenging puzzle game, and although it is basically a clone of classic Kururin/KuruKuru type games, it has its own story.

The Bad
The controls are tough to master. Like really tough. Like smash your head repeatedly against the wall in frustration tough. Not impossible, but close to.

At £5 it is a bit expensive for what it is, but price aside it is a fun little puzzle game.

I score Spinny's Journey on PC (Steam) a fair 7/10

Out Now on PC Steam

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