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4 Sept 2022

REVIEW: Chenso Club on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Chenso Club is a Japanese style 2D side scrolling action platformer, I say Japanese style as it is actually developed by Swedish studio Pixadome and published by Curve Games.

"The Chenso Club girls are sassy, strong and eager to show off their moves. Our heroines want any excuse to use their newfound powers. It's up to you to master their moves, increase their power and show the world the might of the Chenso Club."

As you start the game you will first be able to choose one character to play with, but as you progress more will be unlocked. All the characters are female, which is a cool touch and not something you see that often. You will start off with a character called "Blue" which is a Chainsaw wielding android, but you will soon gain access to Carmine who wields a heavy hammer. With 5 characters in total, all very unique with their own fighting style.

Once you have chosen your desired character, you can then choose between Story mode, which is exactly what you think it is, a Casual mode, a Standard mode which is for your regular platform game fan, and then the Insane mode, which is just everything like the other modes but much harder.

The levels are separated to various locations, and each location has single screen areas you need to progress through. And of course there is a boss at the end, and when you beat them, that is when you unlock a character.

Between levels there are bonus areas, where you can upgrade your character, unlock chests, but also there is a social media aspect to the game, where you need to gain followers.

Fighting is pretty simple and follows the classic arcade style, depending on the weapon your character has, general swing of the weapon, jump, dash, special moves and so on, all very easy to pick up. As you beat opponents pick up gems to boost your power and so on.

I played in solo mode, but there is also a "couch co-op" mode, which I did not have chance to check out.

Really easy to play, and a lot of fun, the graphics are retro style, as is the music. I played on a Switch Lite, and the game felt perfect on the small screen.

The Good
Fun colourful graphics, easy to pick up and play, nice layout of the levels, and as you gain characters you will want to replay earlier levels with the new characters.

The Bad
Not much to the story, and a little short. But enough to keep you interested.

Simple and fun 2D platformer, interesting characters to play with, lots of enemies to beat, what more could you want?

I score Chenso Club a fair 7/10

Out now on Nintendo Switch

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