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8 Sept 2022

REVIEW: GOLAZO! 2 on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
It has been a while since I have played a simple arcade style "soccer" game, and despite most the of the civilised world calling it Football, I thought I would check out new arcade Soccer game "Golazo 2". Now I have never played the original, nor have i heard of it, so I am coming at this game from a totally new perspective.

Since this is an arcade game, there isn't much in the way of depth, so if you have been playing FIFA then this game might seem very simple in comparison.

When you start you are given a few choices, Quick match, Street Tour, Tournaments or World League. You can play with National Teams or "Street Teams", which craftily gets around any licensing issues. 58 national teams with 10 international stadiums, 6 Street fields with 12 street teams.

When you start playing you will see that everything is very simplified, passes are basic, lobs, shots etc. You can have a quick dash with a player, which is a nice touch, and the ball sticks to your feet too.

There is no motion capture for the player animations, which do seem quick jerky, and the sound effects are terrible, you will quickly turn down the sound, trust me, after hearing the scratch sound for a slide tackle a few times, it will annoy you.

The AI for the computer controlled teams is a bit too strict, and difficulty is set way too high to make this a really enjoyable arcade game.

The Good
For an arcade soccer game, it has some nice touches, the dash is cool, and some of the player hairstyles are fun.

The Bad
If you have ever played FIFA or Evo then this will just feel empty in comparison, maybe we are spoiled, but the day of the arcade soccer game is long gone.

Very generic arcade soccer game, no real innovation, and pales in comparison to the big name footy games.

I score GOLAZO! 2 on Nintendo Switch a poor 5/10

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