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25 Sept 2022

REVIEW: NeverSynth on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
From Whale Rock Games comes NeverSynth, a self described rhythm driving simulator.

The game itself is very simple, you control a vehicle on a never ending 4 lane highway, there are no other cars, no real obstacles, you just drive, pick up "beats" which is money, avoid pillars which slow you down, and that is about it. Once you have enough money you can drive in new locations and with different cars.

There are 6 locations to drive and 6 cars to drive. But forget about that, this is more about chilling out, listening to synth wave music. The graphics are pretty unique, and on the highest graphics settings are pretty damn cool to look at.

One cool feature is the ability to upload your own music to drive to. 

The Good
This is a super simple, chill out game, no real skill needed other than moving left and right to collect "beats", and that is it. If you want a break from the stress inducing games we constantly have thrown at us, then this might be just what you need.

The Bad
The lack of any real skill needed to play means some gamers will get bored quick.

For £3 this game is perhaps overpriced, but it is still worth checking out.
I think they could have done more with the game to make the music connection mean more, but if you just want to listen to some chill out synth music, and waste 20 minutes while thinking of nothing, then this is the game for you. For anyone looking for a challenge, then perhaps look elsewhere.

I score NeverSynth a simple 6/10

Out Now on PC (Steam)

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