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29 Oct 2022

REVIEW: One True Hero on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
I was sent a key for One True Hero on Nintendo Switch, by Rat Cliff Games, described as quirky 3D platforming adventure, One True Hero has you take on the role of a young farmer, who is thrust into being a hero who will save the town.

The game never takes itself too seriously, and offers lots of fun interactions and light-hearted content.

A 3D platformer at its core, the game looks and plays very much like something you would have played on a Nintendo 64, so you can see where a lot of the inspiration came from.

The town is sinking, and despite your lack of reputation in the town, you seem to be the only one capable or at least willing to actually save it, this will have you completing little tasks, locating things, collecting diamond like things, fighting the evil minions (no not those minions), solving puzzles, and general 3D platforming stuff.

There are dungeons and ancient ruins to explore, and once you have collected enough of the diamond things, you will go through a portal, and then try to pass over a ridiculously hard obstacle course, to get your reward.

The game works well on the Nintendo Switch, I played on the Switch Lite and I found the controls to be decent. The camera angles can be a pain sometimes, usually when you go inside a building, you see as you move around tight areas the camera will become fixed and swap to different viewpoints, the problem is that you might be moving in on direction in one camera shot, but when it changes you are now pressing the wrong way on the controller, so sometimes it can become confusing as well as frustrating.

Luckily in the outdoor areas this isn't a problem and you can run and jump to your hearts content. Every so often your path will be blocked and you will have to engage in combat to pass. This is your typical sword slashing fight. As you progress you will gain skill points that can be spent on increasing your attacks and health.

Whether it is moving blocks to reach higher places, hanging off ledges, or jumping off buildings to reach a diamond collectable, the game offers pretty much everything you would expect from a 3D platformer.

The Good
The voice acting is all pretty good, I liked the style of humour throughout. And for what is a one man development team, the graphics are acceptable, if a bit retro in nature.

The Bad
The camera angles when in tight locations are a pain, and some of the combat isn't as good as it could be.

Considering the small budget and one-man team behind the game, I am impressed with how much is on offer here.
This is a fun little 3D platformer, with good humour and a nice little story.

I score One True Hero on Nintendo Switch a strong 7.5/10

Out Now on Nintendo Switch at

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