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27 Oct 2022

REVIEW: The Pinball Wizard on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
What do you get if you cross an old-fashioned dungeon crawler, with a pinball game? You get The Pinball Wizard on Nintendo Switch.

You will use your character like a ball on a pinball table, each level acts like its own little table, and you will "dash, hurl, and flip your way to the top of the tower castle."

Along the way you can level up your characters skills, loot treasure and fight monsters, but all within the kind of confines of pinball mechanics. For example, you will use the paddles to hit your character, direct him to collect things, to hit enemies, and eventually once you find the key, hit him towards the door which takes you to the next level.

Once you reach the top of the tower, you will restore the power of The Eye and "bring peace to the lands".

The game mechanics are super simple to pick up, and as you progress you will unlock extra skills which can be used as you play, for example while mid dungeon you can stop and fire your character in a certain direction, or even fire a ball which can collect things for you.

This is a game that on paper shouldn't really work, but in practice it seems to work really well.

I played on a Nintendo Switch Lite, and the game looks and plays great, even on the small screen. The sound effects and music etc are all decent, the graphics are clear and easy to see. And the game itself has an addictive quality you really need in a game like this.

The Good
Bright clear graphics, and super easy to learn gameplay. 

The Bad
Nothing really.

Super simple pick up and play Pinball/Dungeon Crawler. Totally unique gameplay that I have no seen before.

I score The Pinball Wizard on Nintendo Switch a solid 8/10

Out Now £6.29(-10% off) at

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