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2 Oct 2022

REVIEW: Pretty Girls Tile Match on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Zoo Corporation have just released the 18th "Pretty Girls" game in the series and they have sent me a key to check out the game.

I have reviewed a lot of the Pretty Girls titles now, and all of these games have one main thing in common, "Pretty Girls" (KAWAII -  the culture of cuteness in Japan) wrapped around either a classic game or a reimagining of a classic game, well Pretty Girls Tile Match is no different.

A simple concept is used here, you play with mah-jong tiles that are spread out randomly on the table, your job is to match 3 of them, when you do that they disappear from the playing area, once you have cleared the board, you have completed that level.

Each level you complete gets you points, and you can then use those points to unlock costumes and backgrounds for the "Pretty Girls", which you can then position on a diorama, when positioned how you like, you can then save that image, to use however you like, most likely use is for Wallpaper for your computer.

In total there are 120 levels to complete, 20 levels per characters, with 3 different difficulty settings.

The game itself is pretty simple to learn, you can only hold 7 tiles at a time, and once 3 of them match they disappear, obviously you need to be tactical, as some tiles are hidden beneath others, and you have to make sure you don't get stuck by loading up with too many unmatched tiles. Luckily there is a handy undo button, as well as a hold button, which allows you to move a tile to the side if you get stuck, along with a shuffle for when you run out of moves. Even on the hardest setting, with a bit of planning, and thought, you can complete all the levels.

The 6 girls have their own little bios and characters, although this is superficial and does not really have any effect on the game. For example, Riara is described as "A lightly flirtatious beauty. She is fashionable, dances and models, but she is also a mischievous troublemaker." or Rui, described as "A beautiful woman with a tall and outstanding model figure and beauty. Contrary to her appearance, she is strong-willed and has a caring personality."

The Good
A new twist on the class 3 piece puzzle game using Mah-jong tiles, it is much harder than it first looks as some tiles look very similar, it all adds to the challenge, and for people who like this kind of puzzle game, it will be a fun addition to your collections.

The Bad
You get the same number of "Points" to purchase things whether you play easy or hard, and you can complete any level on any difficulty once you have passed the previous one, taking away a challenge of needing to complete all levels on hard for example. A few more achievements would also be welcome, as it is you can complete everything on easy.

I am a fan of the "Pretty Girls" franchise, classic games given a new look, or reimagination, and more often than not Zoo Corporation improve on the original, or create a new version of a game that instantly becomes the best in it's genre, and this one is no different.

Pretty Girls Tile Match is the best 3 tile game available right now. For fans of this type of puzzle game, this is the best one you can get, it offers a large number of levels, and a very good challenge.

I score Pretty Girls Tile Match a solid 8.5/10

Out now on PC (Steam)

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