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21 Oct 2022

REVIEW: A Winding Path on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
A Winding Path is a hand-drawn 2D platform game of sorts. With a totally unique monochrome look, you play as a character exploring a world, the rain has stopped, crops are dying, rivers are drying up. Your job is to explore and complete small tasks in the hope of uncovering the mystery, and restoring balance to the world.

You will explore ancient ruins, forests and settlements, you will speak to various people, and help them solve their troubles.

Although the graphics look super simple, you literally control a stick man, everything is actually really cleverly done. You could argue that it is actually harder to animate in this way, using hand drawn sketches etc, than it is to animate in a more classical way.

The controls are super easy to get used to, interact with people, solve their problems, find a flute, make it rain and so on.

This really is quite a sweet little game, that you can just tell when you play, that has had a lot of love and time spent on it.

The puzzles and tasks you have to complete do have enough of a challenge to keep you interested, but are never too hard to put you off.

A nice little touch is also the way you can adjust the colours on screen. If you don't like black on a white background, you can change it to white on a black background. As well as lots of other variations, all have nice names like "Nightfall" which is black on a kind of pink background, Slate and Crimson, which is red on a light blue, and so on, basically you can find the colour scheme you like, or whatever suits your eyes and play that way. It makes no difference to the gameplay, but is a nice touch.

The music is very relaxing, melodic, the kind of thing you can just listen to while doing something else.

The Good
A super chilled out, enchanting type of game. Offers enough of a challenge to keep you coming back, a nice storyline and easy but fun gameplay. Not to mention a unique hand drawn world that just shouts at you that it was drawn with love.

The Bad
Perhaps might not appeal to hardcore gamers, or platform gamers who are more interested in spectacle and fancy graphics.

Some games can just be described as being really nice. This is one of those games. It is just simple and fun to play.
What more can you want.

I score A Winding Path on Nintendo Switch a strong 8/10

Out on the 27th of October

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