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24 Nov 2022

REVIEW: Impaler - PC Steam

Review by Jon Donnis
Impaler is a basic first-person arena shooter. Clearly inspired by games from the 1990s, this game has a small download size, and will play on a PC with a potato for a graphics card.

The concept is a simple one, you can shoot at enemies, you can summon spikes from the ground, you can build barriers, kill all the enemies in a wave, move onto the next wave. Sometimes you will have other tasks to complete, like moving pillars to set positions, and so on.

With "Roguelike" elements, each run is unique. Graphics as mentioned are full on retro, so think 2D monsters moving in a 3D arena. As you progress you can collect different weapons and abilities. The double jump, and stomp is also a great way to take out multiple enemies at once.

The main trick to defeating the enemies, is not so much your firepower, but your movement, keep moving, pick off your targets, collect health bonus, and survive. Pick up gold, which can be used to buy 40+ upgrades, and the more you play, the better you get and further your progress.

Throw in a cool soundtrack, and for the nerds out there, the game engine is a custom-built C + OpenGL engine, so everything looks super smooth.

The Good
Summoning spikes is a cool feature, it allows for some great moves, the graphics are retro, so if you like that kind of thing, then this game does a great job. The sound track is also pretty decent.

The Bad
If you don't like 90s style retro games, then this is not for you.

A proper little indie game, where someone has put in a lot of care and love into making the game the best it can be.
Developers like this deserve our support, for without them we would have nothing.

I score Impaler on PC (Steam) a decent 7/10

Out on 6th of December on Steam at

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