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9 Nov 2022

REVIEW: Succubus With Guns on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Succubus With Guns is the latest 3rd person shooter game to be released on Nintendo Switch.

You play as a scantily clad anime style Succubus demoness that has been summoned by occultists, during the ritual they messed up and not only raised the dead, they also turned themselves into Zombies, you now have to travel world to world through portals, each time defeating waves of the undead to proceed in arena based style battles, with the last wave being the boss fight.

Each new world has new weapons to find and use, as well as a nice supply of ammo to keep you going.

The graphics are decent, even on the small screen of a Nintendo Switch Lite, and despite the slightly adult appearance of the game, there is no sex, just the scantily clad lead character.

Unfortunately, controls are a problem, the aiming system isn't great, and whether you take down an enemy or not seems rather hit or miss. There are limited instructions on the controls, so you have to figure that out for yourself, and I have still yet to figure out how to swap weapons, or even if you can, they only seemed to change once I had run out of ammo with one. Your character can also jump and crouch, but the crouch seems completely pointless.

Reloading is slow, so you will find yourself doing a lot of running backwards, and playing a very defensive type of game, instead of what should by a more attack minded game.

On some levels you will get to use a sword, but the sword is poor, and again you will just end up running backwards, trying to get the way too fast zombies to all line-up so you can swipe at them all at once over and over.

The game feels very much like a "Unity Asset flip", whereby someone has purchased the base game from the Unity store, changed a few graphics and then just released it.

The game does have some positives, it does look great, and there is some satisfaction to be had when defeating a boss. But overall, the game just feels unfinished, which is unusual for a Nintendo Switch game.

I score Succubus With Guns on Nintendo Switch a poor 4/10

Out on 18th of November at

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