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5 Dec 2022

REVIEW: I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
I try to avoid reviewing prologues, or free games, as I don't see much of a point, since anyone can just download them and play themselves, no need to read a review for advice. However, since this is the first game (that I am aware of) to let you play as Jesus I just had to have a go.

Note: All screengrabs are from the cinematics and not the in game stuff, you will find out why as you read on.

Inspired by the New Testament stories, this is a simulation, so not quite an action-adventure game that perhaps we would all like. Personally, I would love Ubisoft to use their Assassins Creed Engine, and make a Jesus game using that! Would be very cool. Unfortunately, this is an indie game with a small budget. You start the game as a grown Jesus, after a decent opening cinematic, telling the story of Jesus etc, you finally wake up in bed, first thing you need to do is go find your mother, Mary, Yes THAT Mary! All the big names are here you know!

You quickly learn you need to find John the Baptist, so you can get baptised. Some back and forth to the village, speak to a few people to find out where he is, and then head off to the river to find him.

Feeling hungry? Pick some berries to eat. Pretty much the game revolves around recreating stories from The Bible. 40 days fasting in the desert, fight Satan, cure sick people, perform miracles, all the classic stuff. Including new things like charging the Holy Spirit through prayer!

I guess you complete the game one you get resurrected. Since this is the prologue, you will have to wait for the final game to get that far.

Ok, so yeah, everything sounds kind of cool, but the reality is this game is terrible. It NEEDS some holy spirit to fix the graphics for a start. They are terrible.
Voice acting is all good, the cinematics also look good, but the in-game graphics when you actually control Jesus are just poor, controls are awkward, and the whole thing is just a mess.

Poor optimized, and I suspect some bitcoin mining might be going on which is what slows the game down.

The Good
The narration, and voice acting as a whole are really good, the graphics in the cinematic bits are pretty decent.

The Bad
Everything else. It is a terrible game, you will play a bit out of curiosity, perhaps make it to John the Baptist, maybe even mess around in the desert a bit, but I highly doubt many will make it that far. This game needs a complete overhaul, from the ground up. It can't be saved.

I wish I hadn't downloaded this; it really is that bad.

I score I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue a god awful 2/10 (One point for the voice acting and one point for the cinematics.)

If you want to see for yourself, it is out now on Steam

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