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18 Dec 2022

REVIEW: Petite Adventure on PC (Steam)

Developed by Petite Games and published by Ratalaika Games comes another great little game, and I use the word "little" deliberately for once.
Petite Adventure is a simple 3D driving game, each level represents a different challenge and an objective you need to complete. The faster the time to complete, the better the reward. Rewards are gold, silver and bronze trophies.

There are 32 levels, set across 3 different difficulties. Challenges include doing drifts within certain areas, popping balloons with a giant spiked ball attached to the back of your car, collecting coins on difficult tracks, basic courses you need to complete, you can even play a type of golf, where you have to hit a relatively large golf ball towards the flag. Of course, on the face of it these all sound easy, but when you realise that you have very tight courses, and one mistake means the end of the game for you, the challenge of it all really makes its mark.

You will play with various vehicles depending on the track, maybe a small car, maybe a truck maybe a school bus. Each one is different to handle and a challenge to master.

This is a fun little game, with an equally small download size, which really surprised me considering how good the graphics are. The camera is controlled by the game and will move to the most optimal position as you play through a level. The learning curve is spot on, you will fly through the easy levels, but then find yourself struggling to get that gold as you progress, which creates the all-important replayability factor.

The Good
Fun little game that looks great. Addictive qualities, and perfect learning curve.

The Bad
After a while some of the levels feel a bit repetitive.

For a simple £5 game, you really can't go wrong with Petite Adventure, it is fun to play and that really is all that matters.

Out now on PC (Steam) at 

Also available on Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch

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