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6 Mar 2023

NEWS: New release "Mystic Gate" from ZOO Corporation


"Mystic Gate" coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2023

Also available on Steam now!


A mysterious gate has opened on earth. It is said that those willing to challenge themselves through the tests of the gate will be rewarded with a granted wish.

A mere mortal and his robot companion discover this gate of the gods on their journey together.

This wanderer and his robot friend step up to the challenge, how will they fare against the trials of the gods?!

"Mystic Gate" is a Action-Roguelike Dungeon Exploration Bullet Hell Shooter:

This roguelike dungeon exploration bullet hell puts your reflexes to the test in random dungeons that keep you guessing!

Dodge, dart and defeat hordes of enemies through procedurally generated dungeons. Collect unique loot as you better your odds of surviving each playthrough with rare items to power-up your character for the next run!

Hordes and powerful bosses look to make your life a living (bullet) hell. Level up and loot where you can in order to make it to the end! Achieve greatness against all odds and grant that elusive final wish!


- Procedurally Generated Dungeons

With changing dungeon layouts, randomly positioned enemies and loot players get a unique & intense experience that窶冱 never the same twice!

- Unique Weapons

Randomized unique weapons that appear in different places through your run-through. Feeling lucky?

- Unlimited bullets

You got an itchy trigger finger? NO PROBLEM!

- Dash

Stuff gets intense~ You are going to need to dash to dodge enemy attacks! This is an bullet hell game.

- Skills to Strengthen Your Character

Skills appear at random every time! Feeling lucky?

- Permanent Enhancement Elements

You can acquire skills permanently by using rare items obtained in game.

Beef up your character in order to make it to the final boss!

- Supports local cooperative play

Local co-op play is supported two players.

Join forces and take on the trial with a friend!

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