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19 Feb 2023

REVIEW: Rooftop Renegade on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Rooftop Renegade is an awesome new action platform game that concentrates more on speed and flow than deliberate precision moves. You can run and use your hover blades, and your main objective is to reach the end of the level as fast as you can, as well as collecting as many diamonds as you can. The better performance you do the higher score you will get.

Run and glide your way through various futuristic areas, on skyscrapers and gliding on bars. You also have a few special moves you can do, boost and slide, which will help you make epic jumps, as well as slide under the various hazards and traps set by Globacorp, who are constantly trying to stop you.

With this game being about speed, split second thinking is needed here, one mistake and you will lose your flow, or get caught by Globacorp.

There are a few modes to play, Arcade mode, which has you working your way through various levels and stages, which as you would expect gradually get harder and more challenging. Then there is a generator mode, which remixes levels in new ways depending on what you enter in the seed box. Just type a random number for example and see what kind of level it creates.

There is also a party mode, which I could not try out, but is your basic multiplayer mode with "Runners vs Gunners". 3 people against 1 runner.

That is the basic game, so how does it play? Well from the very start the game feels very intuitive, your very first run might not be the quickest, but you will soon get a feel for the game, and you will want to replay levels to get that top "S" score. I played on a Nintendo Switch Lite, and the game felt comfortable to play on the smaller screen as well as with the Switch Light button layout, which I know can sometimes be a problem with some games.

The graphics are of a high quality, the sound effects and music are also decent.

This is a fun little arcade game, that you can sit down and play through the levels for a while, or just pick up and play for a few minutes. And the generator level has an almost unlimited amount of "remixes" for you to play if you complete the arcade mode.

The Good
Great graphics, easy to play, challenging to master. A really fun little arcade platformer.

The Bad
Nothing really, it does exactly what it is advertised to do.

This is one of those games you will have on your Switch for years to come, and every so often, even after completing it, you will load it up for a quick go, it has good replay qualities, and is a really cool game.

I score Rooftop Renegade on Nintendo Switch a solid 9/10

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