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1 Feb 2023

REVIEW: SEASON: A letter to the future on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
SEASON: A letter to the future is a third-person, atmospheric adventure bicycle road trip game. Bet that is the first time you have ever heard of one of these types of games! 

You play as Estelle and will Immerse yourself in the environment as you take your first trip leaving home to gather memories before a terrible catastrophe wipes everything out, you know the catastrophe is coming, but there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your only wish is to record everything of the "old world" before the new one comes, whatever that may be.

Exploration, recording, meeting new people, and understanding the weird environment you're in are the main game objectives. Each recording technique catches a unique layer, including noises and music, artwork and architecture, and the narratives of people going through crucial events. Your instruments will remove these layers until you can see the underlying culture, history, and ecosystem. 

You are brought to the big questions by this adventure: What is this season? Why is it ending? What will the upcoming season bring?

This is not as much of a game as it is a story, a journey of discovery. Find a cemetery, follow side paths, stop off at a temple, there is so much to explore.

Your bicycle is your main mode of getting about, although you can also walk. As you explore you will reach points of interest, at this point you will get off your bike and explore that area. You can take photos, record audio of various sounds, and in general make a record of what you are experiencing. You can even make sketches. You have a journal which you will also use, and you can collect various items that you also think are of interest. The journal will allow you to make conclusions about what you experience. Along with that you will also meet various characters, and how you interact with them will also affect how things turn out for them.

This is a super relaxing game, which will give back to you depending on how much you put in. You can take your time to really explore, and fill up your journal, or you can rush through the game. Clearly it is better and more rewarding for you if you take your time. The more you investigate an area, take photos, audio clips etc, the more you will get back as you will unlock inner thoughts of the main character which may then be jotted down in your journal.

The graphics and general style of the game is pretty damn unique and just feels so warm. You feel like you are truly experiencing a game, as opposed to just playing it. Voice acting is all of the highest quality, and the sound effects are just about perfect. 

This is a really unconventional game, which is such a refreshing change from prety much anything else in the gaming world. It is a hard game to even describe. It is an experience, something that will make you think, but after you have finished it, you will want to replay it, and see what else you can find out and explore.

The Good
Beautiful graphics, great sound effects and voice acting, and a wonderful relaxing experience.

The Bad
You might find yourself obsessively trying to collect every keepsake, and get everything, which is not the point of the game, also mouths do not move on the characters when they speak.

An exceptionally well made game, original and unique in so many ways.

If you want something different, an experience more than a game, then check this out.

I score SEASON: A letter to the future a solid 9/10.

Out now on Steam and also PS4/PS5

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