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27 Feb 2023


Review by Jon Donnis
We are back again with our latest review, this time a Baseball/Softball game for Nintendo Switch called WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS.

Originally a Japan only release, eBaseball has now had a worldwide release.

This is the official baseball game of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), no I had never heard of that organisation either, but since Baseball is huge in Japan, I will assume this is their version of the MLB.

Here is the official blurb.
"Create your own team from over 300 original characters!

With over 300 characters to choose from, players can assemble their team of batters, catchers, and pitchers to compete in online matches against rivals from all over the world. Mix and match different players with different stats to find the winning formula!

Once you've got your team, test your skills against the world!

Once you've assembled your team of sluggers compete online in matches with friends or online competitions like Championship Mode with rivals from all over the world."

Baseball games tend to follow two trends, very good, or very bad, the very bad are usually over complicated, and the very good are nice and simple, luckily eBaseball is the latter. This is a very Nintendo of Japan feeling game, the characters, the graphics and so on. Everything is very cutesy. It costs just 79p in the UK, so it will hardly break the bank.

The most important factor of games like this is ease of play, and as soon as you figure out the pretty simple controls, you will be hitting home runs with ease. Fielding is usually the worst part of such a game, but here they have also made it pretty simple, you can make epic catches, but also throwing the ball is pretty simple, just press the button that corresponds with the plate you want to throw to and job done.

Batting has two systems, an accurate hit, which means you will hit the ball much harder, but is easier to miss, and a less accurate/ less powerful mode, but easier to hit. Soon enough you will be switching between these depending on the pitcher.

The game really is pretty simple to pick up and play, it has the usual online modes, including local multiplayer, and a single player mode.

There really isn't much more to say, this is a simple, fun baseball game, if you like arcade style baseball games, then this is a no brainer, especially for under a pound. If you prefer full on sim then this will be a bit too basic for you.

The Good
Fun graphics, decent sound effects and music. Easy to pick up and play.

The Bad
Might be a bit simple for some gamers.

A fun little arcade baseball game. 

I score WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS on Nintendo Switch a fantastic 8/10. 

Out Now for just 79p at

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