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3 Feb 2023

REVIEW: Whisker Squadron: Survivor on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Another day and another review, this time we are looking at Whisker Squadron: Survivor.

This is the first game set in the Whisker Squadron universe, and a roguelite shooter from the makers of RACE THE SUN. In Whisker Squadron: Survivor, the action takes place in a continuous corridor setting over the course of 30 minute runs, with a strong emphasis on roguelite survival.

With a variety of feline pilots, ships, and weaponry at your disposal, you may customize your loadout before setting out on a run that only gets tougher with each wave. You can upgrade through a dizzying array of randomly selected upgrades by collecting scrap from your defeated enemies, giving each run a distinctive build.

Whisker Squadron: Survivor, which serves as a prequel to the 2023 space-faring adventure Whisker Squadron.

With a relatively tiny download size, this is an impressive looking game. The sound effects and music are all decent. The music could have been lifted right out of an 80s detective TV show! But now we get to the all important question of how does it play.

You have a choice of using keyboard and mouse, or gamepad. You would think that this game would be made for gamepads and console type controllers. Unfortunately this is the one part that the game really trips on. One of the aspects of the game is turning your ship side ways, it helps you avoid enemy bullets and also get through some tight areas, but using the gamepad, this extra control aspect just didn't feel easy to use, and I found myself totally ignoring that, and just flying with the ship flat. I then tried with a mouse and keyboard, and to be fair it definitely felt easier to control, and even I found myself using the side ways option and also the full rotate, to not only avoid enemy fire but also to go through those tricky areas.

With the mouse and keyboard being a better option, the game still struggles with the control aspects. It just never feels quite right. You are aiming with the mouse at the enemies, but this also controls the direction the ship is moving, so it is hard to do what you want at times. But the more you play, the more you adapt and get used to the controls.

The Good
Very nice looking and sounding game. Nice simple concept that plays ok once you get over the controls.
Shoot at the enemies, progress and upgrade your weapons, shoot at more enemies.

The Bad
The controls. 

A simple little game, bogged down by a poor control system, stick with it and you will be rewarded with some fun game play.

I score Whisker Squadron: Survivor on PC (Steam) a fair 7/10

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