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22 Mar 2023

REVIEW: Railway Islands on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis
Railway Islands on Nintendo Switch is a simple Railway based puzzle game.

Each level (island) is a single screen, with hexaganol blocks, some of those blocks will have train tracks on them, your job is to move or rotate the various blocks so that a safe path between the entry tunnel and exit tunnel can be made, and also so that the train will pass by any stops needed to delivered resources.

There are 50 levels to complete, in 4 different environments. And there is also a create your own island mode too.

This is a simple but challenging little game, the first few levels are quite easy, but before you know it you are faced with some quite challenging levels, with a lot of blocks that need moving, the learning curve is quite steep, but not so hard that you will give up.

A simple but challenging little game that works well on the Nintendo Switch Lite, which is what I played it on.

The Good
Nice clear graphics that look good even on the small screen. Very nice concept that is well presented and despite being challenging at times, is fun to play.

The Bad
The controls could be better, moving the cursor (a big finger) around isn't the most intuitive, and you can tell this game was designed for PC with a mouse control in mind. With that said you will get used to it.

Simple concept, well delivered, fun to play, with the only slight frustration being the controls, but once you get used to that it is a fun little game.

I score Railway Islands on Nintendo Switch a fair 7.5/10

Railway Islands is out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S.

@gamingcouchspud #RailwayIslands - #NintendoSwitch a puzzle game about designing a railway map for a large archipelago. #Gaming ♬ original sound - Jon

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