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28 Mar 2023

REVIEW: Resoraki The Racing on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis
Resoraki is an interesting little arcade racing game, you can play solo or against friends online. There are the usual modes, championships, arcade, and time trial. Plenty of cars to choose from, and a nice selection of tracks in countries like Poland, Finland, Australia, or Greece. Different difficulty settings, and also Steam leaderboards.

Graphics are very cartoony, and are pretty eye catching. And the music is very catchy too.

In the time trial mode after completing a lap you will get the obligatory ghost car, in championship mode you need to win races to unlock more tracks, and in arcade mode, well you just get to choose your own races and have fun.

There are plenty of achievements to collect, which range from simply unlocking a track, to using a certain brand of car, there are even shortcuts to find.

Over 50 cars to choose from which range in style from Rally type cars to just regular ones.

Although advertised as having full gamepad controls, I couldn't get mine to work, so had to rely on using the arrow keys on the keyboard, not the best way to drive a car, although easy enough to get used to, but this game needs proper controller compatibility and it needs it now!

Resoraki is a nice, simple, straightforward racer, with nice graphics, and easy to enjoy gameplay.

The Good
Nice graphics, soundtrack and general play. Every looks and feels good.

The Bad
I didn't like the default camera view, and not sure if you can change it. Menus are a bit lacking. And gamepad did not work for me.

Simple and more importantly very cheap game, at less than a pound, you cant really go wrong here.
There is room for improvement, but I fear at this price this will be as good as it gets.

I score Resoraki The Racing on PC a fair 7/10

Out now on Steam

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