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19 Mar 2023

REVIEW: The Shore on PC (Steam) From Dragonis Games

Review by Jon Donnis
I was asked to take a look at The Shore, a One-Man-Project Horror Game Inspired by H.P Lovecraft.

Let us first take a look at the official blurb.

"THE SHORE is a game about the mystery of the unknown, set on a forbidden island filled with horrors. Based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft, the story features many of his best-known creations and more. Players will see the world through the eyes of Andrew, a father in search of his lost daughter. Players will experience The Shore through immersive, atmospheric gameplay and encounter the most nightmarish Lovecraftian entities, all while solving mind-bending puzzles. Try to survive as Andrew as he endeavours to save his daughter's life and, perhaps, uncover the secrets lurking within his own sanity.

Presented with a Lovecraftian style, As players dive deeper and deeper into the mystery, they'll face overwhelming odds, Andrew's moments that will make you question his sanity, and a series of slow-burn scenes. It's only by mastering the artifacts of the old gods combat mechanic that they can stay one step ahead of the darkness that tries to swallow the world of his, but will that be enough?

With the ghost of an action/mystery/horror play style and the mind of a psychological thriller, The Shore's dramatic atmosphere, deep and multilayered story, and exceptionally tense, horrific combat sequences provide players with an overwhelming and stunning gaming experience."

Considering this is a one man project of a game, the first thing that will strike you are the graphics, which are excellent. You start off the game by finding yourself alone on an island, there is not much in the way to guide or instruct you, so you will have to figure things out for yourself. Search around, look for clues, and try not to get too scared along the way.

There are puzzles to be solved and enemies to take on, but in general this is something of a walking simulator, the story is the key here, so to be fully emersed, you really need to put headphones on, and turn out the lights.

Controls are relatively simple and straightforward. As you search around you will eventually find portals to go through which might need you to then solve a puzzle, one of the first ones i came across was a simple one, activate 4 statue things, and this allows a huge structure to grow legs and walk off. Yes it that is that kind of strange. Explore the island, look for paths which might allow you to collect something, or witness something strange that furthers the storyline. Head to the light house, more exploring, more collecting, and turn on the light at the top.

At this point you will get a good idea of the type of game this is and the experience you will have. If you emerse yourself in the game, the tension built by the sound effects and music, not knowing what is around a corner, all helps build up the experience into something quite interesting.

I don't want to talk too much about the game as it is relatively short, so I would just spoil it. So I will keep to the basics.

The Good
Wonderful graphics and sound effects, the voice over is really well acted. And you will feel yourself getting more emersed into the game and the story the more you play.

The Bad
Some of the controls are a bit clunky, it is sometimes hard to know where you can and cant go, which can be frustrating.

This is an impressive game when you consider it is a one man project, and you should keep that in mind. Although controls are a bit rough, once you get used to them you will be fine. Enjoy the story, pay attention to what is going on around you, and try not to jump.

I score The Shore a decent 7.5/10

Out Now on Steam at

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