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26 Apr 2023

REVIEW: Classic Racers Elite on Nintendo Switch

Review by Jon Donnis:
I was asked to review a new racing game for Nintendo Switch called Classic Racers Elite.

This hill-climbing style racer is similar to rally courses, where cars race one by one and their times are collated at the end. The objective is simple: get from the start to the finish as fast as possible, while avoiding obstacles and trying not to crash when faced with tight u-turns.

It seems the game is set in the 1960s as there is a nice selection of classic cars to choose from.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward, with standard controls: the right trigger for acceleration, the left trigger for braking, and handbrake and steering. The game handles well and the cars feel pretty decent. I played on the Nintendo Switch Lite and the graphics were okay, if not brilliant. There aren't a massive amount of tracks, but the replay factor mainly comes from the leaderboards.

There are four different categories of cars to choose from, including small cars all the way up to F1 style cars. There are also 12 different championships to compete in and hopefully win, which will help you unlock cars as you complete them. There are 17 locations and a total of 50 tracks, which are pretty much variations of the 17 locations, so some tracks are reversed or have different obstacles.

This simple and straightforward game offers decent gameplay even on the small screen, nice handling, and a nice variety of tracks and cars to play with. The leaderboards are a nice touch, and the success of the game will probably depend on whether people feel the need to keep trying to beat a friend's score, etc.

The Good:
Ok graphics
Nice gameplay
Good selection of cars and tracks
Cross-platform leadership system is nice and will mean much more competition for the faster times when the game is released

The Bad:
Sound effects are very generic, so I quickly turned the sound down.
Graphics could be a little better.
Massively overpriced on Nintendo Switch; I would expect the PC version to be much cheaper when it is released.

A decent game that plays well with no bugs that I could find. I score Classic Racers Elite on Nintendo Switch a fair 7/10.

Release date: 29/06/2023

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