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21 Apr 2023

REVIEW: Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures on PC (Steam)

Review by Jon Donnis:
"Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures" is the latest 3D action puzzle platforming game made by Frozen Pixel. You play as an Indiana Jones-type character and travel across four different worlds, each with several levels to complete.

Each level has a set number of coins to collect and, ultimately, a colored diamond. When you collect enough coins and the diamond, you can then enter the next level, and so on until you complete that world and enter the next.

General gameplay consists of 3D platforming with a fixed camera. You can run, jump, and use your whip. The whip allows you to stun certain enemies, enabling you to jump on them and destroy them. It also allows you to grab onto items you need to move and helps you swing across gaps that cannot be jumped.

Each level will have puzzle elements where you will need to move things, activate things, and open doors to raise levels and so on, helping you finish the level.

Gameplay starts pretty easy and gets progressively tougher. When you complete the game, you will unlock three new modes: Hardcore, which gives you only one life per save game; Hard mode, where levels have no checkpoints; and Time Trial, perfect for those wanting to do speed runs.

The Good:
Stunning cartoon graphics with a great level of detail. Easy to play with fun and challenging puzzles.

The Bad:
The controls can be a bit fiddly at times, and the lack of being able to control the camera is frustrating as you cannot always see where you are. The graphics could be a bit better optimized. I noticed a few bugs here and there but nothing too bad.

A straightforward fixed camera 3D action puzzle platformer. It delivers on its description. It is fun to play with a few graphical glitches here and there, but otherwise pretty smooth.

I score Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures a fun 8/10

Out Now on PC (Steam) at

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