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27 May 2023

REVIEW: Poly Bridge 3 on PC (Steam) - Bridge Building Game

Review by Jon Donnis
There has been an endless stream of "Bridge Construction" type games in recent years, so the concept is not new, but Poly Bridge has gained quite a following as being one of the better examples of the genre.

The concept is a simple one, you build a bridge, and a vehicle drives across it and reaches a flag.

As you would expect things start out pretty simple, and progressively get harder. Start with a simple bridge, lay down the road first, then arrange the trusses and cables so the road can take the weight, once done, click on play, and the vehicle will try to cross, if the bridge is faulty, or cannot handle the weight, then it will collapse, and you have to start all over again. So planning is the key here.

You also have to keep an eye out for costs, weight of the bridge, and so on, all of these issues need to be taken into account as you try to stay within your budget, but also produce a safe useable bridge.

There are a few game options, the campaign being the one you will play the most, 100+ levels, over 12 different "worlds". Each level is harder than the previous, and before you know it you will be including jumps and hydraulics along with your bridge construction to complete the level,

There is also a Sandbox mode, which is all about creativity, with no restrictions. You can view other people's levels, as well as publish your own, which in theory means an almost limitless amount of gameplay, with leader boards and so on to compete with people all over the world. This is a fun mode which really does allow you to create some interesting levels, lots of decorative objects to include and create, as well as moving objects like air ships and planes to make the level look even more interesting.

This is a super simple concept, with a small download size too, it is nice to see an effort made to make what is arguably a crowded genre better, with some new and original ideas.

The Good
Nice simple graphics, a good learning curve, and an endless stream of user created content to play with.

The Bad
Unfortunately, as mentioned this is a very crowded genre, and it will be hard to stand out from the crowd. Many of these bridge building games are basically the same.

This is a fun if unoriginal game, effort has been made to add features not present in similar games. If you are a fan of bridge builder games, then this is a no brainer, you should add it to your collection. If you have never played such a game before, then this is one to check out for sure.

I score Poly Bridge 3 on PC a safe 7.5/10

Released on May 30th on Steam

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