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17 Jun 2023


Review by Jon Donnis
The very good people at Zoo Corporation send me their latest game to review, called SETTRIS, just from the name you can guess that this is going to be a puzzle game with blocks.

The game has a simple concept, you have an empty puzzle board, your job is to place the pieces available onto the board, making sure there are no spaces, and everything fits perfectly. Trust me it sounds easier than it is.

You can rotate the pieces as well as flip them to help you, as you progress through the levels, they will get harder, and the puzzle pieces more complicated and harder to fit. Luckily if you get stuck you can clear the board and start again. You will find yourself doing this often.

In the "Stage Mode" there is no time limit, so you can just play at your own pace, take your time, and hopefully solve the puzzle. Once you have completed a puzzle you move onto the next. There are plenty of levels to complete, so will keep you busy for a while.

There is also a time attack mode, this is infinitely trickier than the stage mode, the job here is to complete as many puzzle boards as possible within the time limit. There are leaderboards too so you can compete for the fastest time against players from all over the world. There are 3 time attack modes to try to score high on, one has you trying to place 3 pieces, another 4, and finally 5 pieces.

The game has a simple layout with a sea background and feel.

Puzzles are well crafted, and a great challenge for any puzzle game fan, young and old.

The Good
Simple concept, well designed, the leaderboards will keep you coming back, and there are plenty of achievements to collect.

The Bad
Perhaps not the most original game, but for a few quid you can't complain.

A perfectly simple puzzle game, for fans of the genre. I like a nice puzzle game and I enjoyed playing SETTRIS.

I score SETTRIS a straightforward 8/10

Out Now on Steam at

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